Re/sources Recycled paint

Laurentide Re/sources Inc. recovers left-over paint, stains and varnishes through various drop-off centers in Quebec, at its sorting center in Victoriaville.  Materials which cannot be recycled such as adhesives, paint removers and concrete are then sent to companies specialized for their disposal.

As for the recyclable paint, it is preserved and used to manufacture Boomerang Recycled Paint. The paint is sorted by colour and then homogenized in large reservoirs equipped with mixers. A small amount of new materials  is added to ensure that the quality criteria are met. Washable, with excellent adherence and superior covering power along with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),  Boomerang paint is considered an excellent value for your money.

The manufacture of Boomerang Recycled Paint emits four (4) times fewer greenhouse gases (GHG) in the air than traditional paints. The 3.78 litre container is made entirely from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. The label contains 10% of recycled fibers along with 90% of raw fibers coming from certified forests. The product is completely certified UL ENVIRONMENT (Underwriters Laboratories Certification) due to its low environmental impact. In essence, choosing Boomerang Recycled Paint is making an ecological choice while taking into account each stage of its production.

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