Sustainable development

Sustainable development, at the center of Société Laurentide’s values

Société Laurentide integrates sustainable development basis into all its activities, by providing a work environment  conducive to personal and collective growth, while answering the needs of today’s society. The products we create and manufacture must meet with the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is Société Laurentide’s part in reducing the ecological imprint. The company is an active player in its community’s growth and participates in many philanthropic activities.

It takes into account the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental protection, social development and economic development.  Société Laurentide contributes to the transition to a green, responsible economy, as well as demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development everyday, a project in society that is close to its heart.

Environmental protection

Laurentide re/source’s activities include the recovery of post-consumer material potentially harmful to the environment: paint, lightbulbs, oils, batteries etc. Sorting, management, recycling, reuse and reclamation of the recovered goods come next.  Finally, the products of reclamation meet the requirements of sustainable development in turn. Ex. : Boomerang recycled paint made from unused paints produces 4 times less greenhouse gases then a standard paint.

Our Laurentide Industrial Coatings division manufactures almost exclusively water-based paints, for a minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable development is more than just recovery. Société Laurentide has set up two lines of intervention to promote and support sustainable development.

Social Development and promoting health

Société Laurentide attributes great importance to the health of its employees and this, is the reason, why the company has entered into partnerships with organizations that promote good health and physical exercise. Société Laurentide will soon be offering to its employees, training aimed at participating in the annual 2018 Défis du Parc national de la Mauricie 2018 Challenge.

Société Laurentide realizes that sustainable development also means maintaining a vibrant, healthy community. The company’s philanthropic activities focus primarly on health-related causes.To name a few, the Randonnée de l’Énergie Peinture Boomerang, 200 km of cycling starting from Shawinigan through the surrounding villages ; la Maison des trois colombes, a palliative home care facility in Shawinigan; or the involvement of their President, André Buisson, as Chairman of the Board of the Fondation de la SSS de l’Énergie.

Community Development

Société Laurentide is deeply attached to its hometown of Shawinigan. It invests heavily in its community to witness its growth. It focuses primarly on the use of local suppliers in addition to implementing most of its economic activities in Shawinigan. Société Laurentide is actively involved in the economic development of its community, including the numerous affiliations by its President, André Buisson.

We invite you to consult the Sustainable Development Policy defining Sustainable Development Objectives for Société Laurentide.