Laurentide Re/sources becomes Laurentide Environment

In an effort to consolidate and clarify its activities, the Laurentide Re/sources division of manufacturer Société Laurentide will now operate under the name of Laurentide Environment. The challenges surrounding sustainable development are a driving force of innovation for the Shawinigan-based company. This new identity will better reflect the division’s activities and ensure a better understanding by the community, since Société Laurentide offers much more than paint expertise!

Laurentide Environment ensures the logistics management and the proper handling of post-consumer paint surpluses throughout Quebec and the eastern provinces of Canada. The division also collects and sorts batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, used oil and other hazardous household waste and redirects them to processing centers for environmentally friendly disposal. Its core mission is to maximise the value of recyclable materials and extend the life cycle of products to reduce their environmental impact.

Our services

A Canadian leader in the recycling of paints, Laurentide Environment ensures the logistical management and manipulation of paint residues from Quebec to Atlantic Canada. In addition, Laurentide Environment is also responsible for the recovery of compact fluorescent light bulbs, used batteries and oils throughout Quebec.

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